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7 ways to make money with chatgpt : 2022 powerful AI tool 

2022 powerful AI tool

2022 powerful AI tool

Many people fear losing their jobs to an AI because there has been recent technology advancement. People are now creating robots and other software and tools that can do what humans can do. The whole online world is going wild with a new AI release that can literally do a lot of things like answering any questions and creating simple little software tools that can replace human labor. Chatgpt has just been going viral recently and the cool thing about it is that it is free to use for now. Why not learn ways to make money with chatgpt because there are different ways people are making money with chatgpt. This article will explain 7 ways that people can profit with chatgpt and also the best method to make money with chatgpt that is highly recommended.

What is chatgpt?

Chat gpt is a software tool that will answer questions, write articles and also create simple software tools with code. It does all these very well just like a human will do it and it even does it faster. The rise of chatgpt is so quick that a lot of people are already using it because it creates unique content and it is also free. With a lot of people’s reviews, they say this is by far one of the best AI bots that they have used and many people are already using it to make money that is why I will be explain 7 ways to make money with chatgpt and also the most recommended method to make money with this powerful AI tool. 

How to use chatgpt 

Some people don’t really know how to use chatgpt so, let me explain how?

Go over to openAI website and search for chatgpt it will take you to a dashboard, signup with you details and login to start using it. Just ask a question or type something and chatgpt will spill relevant unique content.

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7 ways to make money with chatgpt 

There are a lot of ways to make money with chatgpt but I will list out 7 here. Try to be creative and find out a way to make money with chatgpt because there is endless opportunity to use this software.

Make money as a Blogger: there is no doubt that people make money through blogging but not many people want to do the work which is writing and doing other seo practices to be able to rank well on google and get the traffic that can make you money by monetize content with ads, sponsored content and other methods of monetization. Some people even use chatgpt to create a full product review and the review was unique and a high quality human readable content. The rise of AI article writers has made it easy for bloggers to do their work with ease. All these AI writers are all paid, some even charge more than $100 monthly that is why a lot of people have hopped on chatgpt that is actually free to use. The reason people love chatgpt is because it does the job well. This is not to scare freelancers because AI can never replace human effort. It may have a little effect on freelancers but not a major effect. Besides, not everyone knows about chatgpt.

Make money with chatgpt as a freelancer

freelancers might be wondering if this AI bot will take their job? Actually, the answer is no, in fact making good use of chatgpt will make them more money than they have ever made because content creation and delivery to customers will be with speed. There are freelancers on platforms like fiverr, upwork and other popular platforms that write by themselves, it does not have to be that way because chatgpt can do the heavy lifting for them and make their job easier. This is a great help tool for freelancers to make more money than they have ever made.

YouTube automation business

This business model is the art of creating a YouTube channel that does not need the face of the owner to be shown. The videos are created using stock footage or videos and voice overs with lots of effects and background music. The video’s upload will be tied to a particular niche. The owner of the channel will upload consistently till the youtube channel has a lot of videos to start generating a lot in ad revenue and also paid sponsorship. Where chatgpt comes in is in the creation of the video script. Chat gpt can create video scripts that will get a ton of views in any niche. This method can also be used by people that use youtube ads to promote their products. Youtube ads are extremely powerful and can earn people a lot in sales. Imagine being able to use a software tool like chat gpt the work of the video creator will be a lot easier.

Use chat gpt for affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the best recommended method to make money because it is one of the easiest online businesses to start. Affiliate marketing is the art of selling other people’s products for a commission. When someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchases the product you make a sale. The commissions are already present so on the affiliate platforms people will see the amount they will be paid in commission. In any way that affiliates want to promote products chatgpt can be of great help. For example if you want to promote products using blogging , youtube videos, google ads you can use chatgpt. For google ads or any advertisement platform you will need a landing page with content in it so as not to get a red flag from these platforms. Chatgpt will create the content for you in any niche . so that software will make affiliate marketers’ lives easier . There are even some affiliate marketers already using these software tools for their business. Start using chatgpt before it becomes paid because there is doubt that it will be free forever.

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Quora affiliate marketing 

This is the method that I think every affiliate on quora platform should use If they want to get a lot of traffic from quora. Quora has over 400 million monthly visitors and the type of traffic on quora is high quality because it is a question-and-answer platform which means visitors that come to quora have a problem and they need a solution. Marketers that use Quora usually get high quality leads and even sales on the platform. To make money with Quora there is a need to answer as many questions as possible daily. This task is stressful for some and many people hire writers to help them answer as many questions as possible but now with chatgpt people will be able to answer a lot of questions on quora and get a surge of traffic to their website, and even affiliate products which equals more sales for them. Quora affiliate marketing is very powerful and can make one a lot of money.

Create simple software tools with chatgpt 

The article majors on how chatgpt can be used to create written content but that is not all what chatgpt can do. Chat gpt can also create software tools. The user does not have to know coding or programming. They just tell chatgpt and it will create it for them. Chatgpt will write the code on the backend and then create the tool so that you can use it. This method can be used to make money by selling software and even services to people that are looking to solve a problem.

Chatgpt can write product descriptions and reviews 

There is news of people writing product descriptions with chatgpt and even they are writing a full product review with this software. This means that chatgpt is can do advanced tasks. Writing a full review is not something many other bot can do but with chatgpt you will be able to write a product review. This will come in handy for bloggers that write reviews about amazon products and also other products because an AI will do the hard work. You can also monetize your product reviews written by chatgpt with relevant affiliate programs and make more money as a blogger.

Chatgpt by far has been a blessing to many content creator because of it vast ability to do difficult task and also because it is free it has won the heart of people online, but one thing that everyone is not sure about is that whether chatgpt will be free for life or they will soon put a price on it. People all over the internet say that if it goes on like this it will put a lot of software and freelancers out of business. This will be one of the greatest software creations that ever hit the internet.

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