Amazon Prime Gaming giving away a bunch of PC games for Prime Day

What used to be Twitch Prime goes by Prime Gaming these days and like the rest of Amazon’s products it’s gearing up for Prime Day. If you aren’t familiar, Prime Gaming has hooks into Twitch, Amazon’s live streaming platform, by providing Prime members a free channel subscription every month. But it’s also much more than that.

Prime Gaming partners with some of the biggest titles, such as Destiny 2, for exclusive in-game content. Members can also get free PC games every month, too. While it’s more of a perk still than a top reason to get Prime if you’re a member and a gamer there’s some great stuff here.

Prime Day 2022 is on July 12-13 and the Prime Gaming goodies are flowing. And there are some pretty big titles included from EA as well as some classic Star Wars releases.

    Prime Gaming
    Amazon Prime members can get free games and exclusive content from Prime Gaming across some of today’s top titles, as well as a free subscription to their favorite Twitch channels.

In the run-up to Prime Day Amazon promised that it will be giving away 30+ games. And all of those are live now. The promotional graphic hinted at some big hitters joining the mix, too, and that has come true. Titles from EA including Grid Legends, Need for Speed Heat, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition are all now part of the Prime Day promotion. Other free games live for Prime Day include The Darkside Detective series, Hue, and Death Squared.

Star Wars Republic Commando and the Jedi Knight games are also available as part of the promotion.

To get your free games, simply login to the Prime Gaming page with your Amazon Prime account and click the purple claim game button. You’ll see a pop-up telling you a little more about the game and another claim button to click, this time blue. You will then need to download the Amazon Games application for Windows to install them on your PC. Sadly, Mac and Linux users need not apply, it’s a Windows-only affair. To claim the EA games you will need to link your Amazon and EA Origin accounts.

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