Anime Action PvP Game KurtzPel Combines Global & Korean Servers

KurtzPel, the anime action PvP game by KOG Games, completed server mergers between its global and South Korean servers earlier this month (August 2). The merger was essential to the game’s continued operation as the Global version’s playerbase on Steam has been dwindling since its early access launch in early 2019. The game averages just 205 players online over the last 30 days according to Steam Charts, which is down about 50% year over year and down from a high of 4,583 average players in June 2019.

KurtzPel is technically still in early access, so things could still turn around if they launch a massive update. The game continues to get updated regularly as well with the latest major update happening on August 2nd which introduced many balance changes. There’s been several smaller updates since as well.

KurtzPel features 2 types of game modes: a Battlerite like PvP focused arena mode and a Monster Hunter like PvE experience where players work together to defeat a single boss. If you’ve never checked it out the core gameplay is okay, but the smaller playerbase means longer queue times to find matches unfortunately.

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