Apex Legends: How to Farm Legend Tokens

In Apex Legends, the dedicated players try to have the best and most playable characters and Legendary Skins in the game. To purchase these cosmetic items and characters, you must have a sufficient amount of Legend Tokens. Legend Tokens are the currency used to buy characters and skins in Apex Legends, and here is how to farm it in the game.

How to Farm Legend Tokens in Apex Legends

With Legend Tokens, you can purchase new playable characters, unlock recolors for Legendary Skins, and reroll Daily Challenges. Legend Tokens are an excellent way to get new Legends without spending the precious premium currency of Apex Coins. Legends cost 12,000 Legend Tokens, even the latest character of the game, Newcastle.

The primary way to earn Legend Tokens in Apex Legends is leveling. Every time you reach a new level, the game automatically awards you 600 Legend Tokens. If you want to unlock new characters by leveling up, you can buy a new character after every 20 levels you reach. This is the best way to get more Legend Tokens and try to complete as many tasks as possible to level up even faster.

The other way you can get Legend Tokens pretty fast is by playing Trios with in-game friends. The number of experience points you get after a match is raised if you play the game with a friend. So basically, playing Trios means you will get more XP at the end of each match and therefore level up faster.


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The other way to level up fast and get those Legend Tokens is to reach the Top 3 of every match. Therefore if you want to level up fast, try to survive as much as possible rather than increasing your kill rate and dying after two minutes. The more you survive in a match, the higher your chances of getting that Top 3 spot and getting more XP.

Apex Legends is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android.

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