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Boris Becker eyes new plan to make money after prison release following bankruptcy | Tennis | Sport

Boris Becker is already looking to get stuck into new projects following his release from prison. The retired tennis pro is being deported to Germany under a fast-track release scheme after serving eight months of his 30 month sentence after being found guilty of four charges under the Insolvency Act in relation to his bankruptcy earlier this year. And Becker will now be looking to earn money to go into his insolvency estate by writing a book.

Becker is being released from prison this week after serving time at HM Prison Huntercombe as he was jailed in April following charges for illegally failing to hand over trophies in satisfaction of his debt during his bankruptcy. The six-time Grand Slam champion is being deported to Germany this week under a scheme that allows “any foreign national serving a fixed sentence who is liable for removal from the UK to be removed from prison and deported up to 12 months before the earliest release point of their sentence” in a bid to relieve pressures on British prisons.

There have already been reports that the 55-year-old will take part in an exclusive TV interview with a Munich-based station that will be paying for Becker to fly home in a private jet following his release from prison, and the German now looks set to tell his story in a book, according to Blick.

But any money made from his new endeavours likely won’t be kept by Becker himself as part of his insolvency agreement, which extends to when he returns home to Germany. “The District Court of Heidelberg had ordered that the insolvency proceedings also apply to Germany,” specialist lawyer Hans Georg Fritsche told Bild.

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Meanwhile, the retired tennis pro’s mum has been discussing his imminent release as she admitted it would be the best Christmas present. According to The Sun, 86-year-old Elvira told a friend: “This is the best Christmas present I could hope for – I cannot wait to hold my beloved son in my arms.”

Her friend added: “Elvira is simply overjoyed he is coming home. For her, having Boris out of prison and back home is the best thing imaginable – and for it to happen in time for Christmas will be great for her. She was worried about when she might see him again, so this is all a huge deal for her – especially given her age.”

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