Dinosaur Survival MMO PATH OF TITANS is Available Now on Nintendo Switch — GeekTyrant

If you’ve ever wanted to play a game as a dinosaur, Alderon Games has you covered with Path of Titans. This is a survival MMO where you get to play as one of over 25 different species of dinosaur. It features an open world with a sandbox adventure giving you tons of freedom to be the dinosaur that you want to be. Path of Titans recently launched in beta on Nintendo Switch via the eShop which joins a myriad of other platforms. While this game is available on multiple platforms, it does support cross-play so you can play on whatever is best for you. In the game you can also customize your skills, your skin, and your personal cave.

You’ve never experienced a dinosaur adventure like this before! Path of Titans is an open-world dinosaur sandbox MMO adventure with 25+ dinosaur species inhabiting the Founder’s Edition. Trek across a massive 8km x 8km map, carving out your life, hunting other dinosaurs as a carnivore or seeking food and succor as a herbivore. Fight, explore, and survive with other players, starting off as a small desperate hatchling and growing into an imposing & mature terrible lizard.

You can play Path of Titans in beta now on Nintendo Switch, PC (Linux, Mac, and Windows via the Alderon Games Launcher), PS4, PS5, and Xbox (affiliate link). The Standard Founder’s Pack costs $30 and is necessary for the full game. What dinosaur are you going to be playing as?

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