Droitwich’s All’angelo closes temporarily due to flash flooding

A Droitwich restaurant has temporarily closed after flash flooding caused a power cut while customers were eating inside.

People had to leave their meals in All’angelo after water started to pour into the Queen Street restaurant.

The manager of the restaurant, Alex Glarvey, said: “When the water came in last night at around 8.30pm to 9pm we still had customers in.

“We lost all power and so we are closed today to clean everything and we had to get rid of loads of stock so we are waiting for a restock.

“The tables who were in were fantastic though.

“They just finished up their meals and came in today to pay their bills.

“Most of our customers are regulars and we are really lucky to have such lovely customers.

“They completely understood that there was not a lot we could do.”

The restaurant closed for Wednesday, August 17 to manage the damage to the restaurant and stock. They plan to reopen tomorrow.

Miss Glarvey said: “The building has been All’angelo for around three years and this has happened three or four times before.

“I think the way the pavement’s laid out we are at the lowest point so as far as I know, the neighbouring businesses weren’t affected, we’re just unlucky here.

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She added: “The guys who do paving at the council have said that they are hoping to raise the pavement to kind of prevent this from happening.

“This morning there was literally water up to people’s knees so the council were here today cleaning up the dirt and debris on the path from that. 

Miss Glarvey said the plan is to reopen as normal tomorrow (Thursday, August 18). 

A spokesperson from Worcestershire County Council said: “We are aware of residents’ concerns about water levels in this area, following the heavy rainfall and subsequent flash flooding last night.

“Our team have been in the area assessing the current situation.”

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