Edmond Public Schools Address Fight That Happened In Edmond Memorial Restroom

A fight in a restroom at Edmond Memorial High School has spurred questions from parents and a state official.  

It happened at the end of October, and Friday the district publicly addressed it.

The three-page long police report is filled with several accounts of what happened.  

The questions from parents prompted the school district’s superintendent to a make video that breaks down the fight between a cis and trans gendered student in the Edmond Memorial girls’ bathroom.

“You need to hear from us and know what happened. On October 26th there was a fight at Edmond Memorial High School,” Edmond Schools Superintendent Dr. Angela Grunewald explained.

That fight is still on parents’ and the soon to be State Superintendent minds more than a month later.

“When the student enrolled, the student enrolled as a female and presented themself as a female and so has been accepted as a female,” Dr. Grunewald said.  

State Superintendent elect Ryan Walters said in a video he posted on Twitter, “Our legislature and governor passed and signed a bill that says boys cannot go into a girl’s restroom.”

That law is aimed at transgender students.  

Per the law, students have to use bathrooms that coincide with the sex written on their birth certificates. However, per the police report, the student, who is transgender, didn’t have a sex listed on her birth certificate.  

Her sex at birth instead was on a separate paternity affidavit.  

Edmond Schools Superintendent also said a birth certificate isn’t needed for a student to start school.

“If a parent comes in and enrolls their child as a certain gender and when you look at that child, by all social norms they look and present themselves as that gender, it’s not something that you would question,” Dr. Grunewald explained.

Dr. Grunewald said the student isn’t at Edmond Memorial anymore. She only started at that school a few days before the fight, with hopes to make a new start, according to the police report.  

Also in that police report, the student she fought with had a swollen face, eye, and possibly a concussion. Her parent agreed to press charges.  

Dr. Grunewald also emphasized Edmond Public Schools does enforce the bathroom law.

“We have a policy that our school board enacted in August of this school year that says all students must go to their bathroom of their birth gender,” Dr. Grunewald said.  

Walters also said in his Twitter post, “I will be announcing an investigation into Edmond Public Schools to find out what happened.”

Walters also said he’ll require all public schools to send their bathroom policies to him for review.

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