Forspoken PS5 Feels Like a More Magical inFAMOUS

Forspoken Feels Like a More Magical inFAMOUS Preview 1

Please note: This preview is not based on the recently released Forspoken PS5 demo. It’s based on a much bigger build played at a recent event.

Sucker Punch Productions might not be interested in making a newinFAMOUS game any time soon, but Square Enix has you covered: its upcoming PS5 title Forspoken emulates the adventures of Cole MacGrath and Delsin Rowe with a magical twist. A long list of powers is designed to make both combat and traversal a joy, and it works — when everything runs smoothly. While Forspoken is not without its problems (at least before release), Luminous Productions has nailed that sense of wonder in a world unlike our own.

Roughly four hours spent at a recent Square Enix press event granted us access to three of the game’s first five chapters, which introduce moody protagonist Frey Holland and her newly found magical abilities as well as the world of Athia. With a focus on story and cinematics, it’s a game lacking the biggest of budgets Square Enix can afford with little facial animation during cutscenes and NPCs carrying a noticeable drop in visual quality compared to the main cast.

Still, it’s an interesting enough plot to make us want to see more come January 2023. Frey is a clear contrast to the medieval world she’s suddenly transported to, at first locked up for being an outsider — and that’s not just because of her attitude. With collectibles all over the place detailing backstory and lore, Athia appears to be a location you could invest in alongside Frey’s skills.

For the purposes of the demo, we were handed just one of four ability trees. It came with a handful of attacks and then a series of unlockable support spells; using them in tandem is how you subdue both humans and the vicious wildlife of Athia.

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