Households should be told to turn down their boilers to save on energy bills

Sam Hall, the director of CEN, said: “We are part of the European gas market and only capable of producing a fraction of Europe’s gas supply ourselves. Reduced gas consumption is the only reliable way for the UK to cut bills.”

Reducing the boiler flow temperature will make radiators run cooler, but should not affect the overall temperature in the room, which is based on thermostat levels.

Industry experts say households may need to use trial and error to find the level they are comfortable at, but caution against particularly vulnerable groups using this approach.

Octopus Energy, which advises its own customers on reducing their flow temperature, recommends setting the temperature of combi boilers to 50C for heating and 55C for hot water.

Combi boilers are those which heat both hot water and radiators, without a separate water cylinder.

For those with boilers and a hot water cylinder, it recommends setting the flow temperature on the boiler to a few degrees over 60C for heating and hot water, and setting the temperature on the hot water cylinder to the same level, in order to protect against Legionella bacteria.

A government spokesman said: “We’re investing £6.6 billion in total this Parliament to improve energy efficiency across the country, with the majority of our support targeting those on low income and vulnerable households. 

“Huge progress has already been made, with the number of homes with an energy efficiency rating of C or above at 46 per cent and rising, up from just 14 per cent in 2010. 

“This is benefiting tens of thousands of homes and delivering average savings of £300 a year on energy bills.”

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