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How To Make Money (4 Ways) In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Having a large amount of Pokedollars at your disposal is sure to make any Pokemon Trainers journey easier. Trainers currently playing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will surely be looking for ways to farm money in the game.

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Money that you can use to acquire a countless amount of recovery or stat boosting items. Maybe even participate in the item auctions for rare items in the Porto Marinada Market. Here are a few money farming methods.

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Pokemon Battles

It is a well known fact that Trainers give you money when you beat them in a Pokemon Battle. But not everyone knows that there are ways to increase the money you receive. Firstly, you can have one of your Pokemon hold an Amulet Coin. An Amulet Coin doubles the money you get after a match so long as the Pokemon holding it participates in the battle.

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You can compound this with a Pokemon that knows either of the moves Pay Day or Make it Rain, with Make It Rain being the more lucrative move. Both of these moves pelt enemies with coins which could be collected after the battle. What’s even better is that the coins collected are also affected by an Amulet Coin, effectively getting you more money.

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Tera Raid Battles

Tera Raid Battles are a new feature of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Four trainers get to fight a wild Tera Pokemon in order to capture it. Winning the fight not only allows trainers to catch the Tera Pokemon but they are also rewarded with items and League Points. 

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Most of these items are useful things like Candies and Feathers, but sometimes Tera Raids also award treasures such as Big Nuggets or Pearl Strings. You will eventually accumulate a large amount of treasure by doing a large amount of raids. You can then sell them for some cash.

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Picking Up Sparkling Items

Sometimes on your adventures, you might see some sparkling items on the ground. Depending on the location, these items you can pick up may end up being valuable. It’s a convenient method that doesn’t require you to battle anything.

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The recommended place to search for items is the Asado Desert. Here you can find an assortment of treasure ranging from Star Pieces to Rare Bones. Any other items you find can easily be sold for some extra cash as well.

Selling Pokemon Materials

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet carried over the interesting mechanic of wild Pokemon dropping materials upon their defeat. These materials are usually used to craft Technical Machines for your Pokemon to learn from. You can head out to an outbreak of certain Pokemon and repeatedly knock them out both for experience and their materials.

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You can then sell these materials in exchange for League Points. League Points are a form of alternative currency you can use at shops to purchase items. So while not exactly Pokedollars, they function in the same capacity.

Items Thats Sell for Over 3,000

Below are a list of items that sell for over 3,000 Pokedollars, so try to keep hold of these items to sell and make sure to pick up every sparkly items from the floor, as most of these will be on the floor.

Item Selling Price
Adamant Mint 5,000
Quiet Mint 5,000
Calm Mint 5,000
Timid Mint 5,000
Hasty Mint 5,000
Chilling Water TM 3,000
Façade TM 5,000
Low Sweep TM 3,000
Fling 3,000
Venoshock 3,000
Volt Switch 3,000
Nugget 5,000
Big Nugget 20,000
Balm Mushroom 7,500
Star Piece 6,000
Pearl String 10,000

Final Thoughts

Farming money in Pokemon games is a tedious process but they are surely worth it. These allow you to get the best healing items and have most of the gear that you need in the games. There are a few methods to farming Pokedollars, simply choose whatever method you prefer and go at it!

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