KULR Technology Group Inc launches CellCheck Battery Monitoring System on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Computing Service

KULR Technology Group Inc (NYSE:KULR) announced that its CellCheck Battery Monitoring System is now running on the Azure cloud computing service by Microsoft.

The next-generation battery safety technology captures real-time and lifetime battery data, which allows it to detect adverse electrical, environmental and physical events and leads to maximum battery safety, reliability, and performance, according to KULR.

The new iteration of CellCheck allows customers to monitor lifetime health of batteries in real time.

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KULR told shareholders that the system platform leverages Azure Cloud’s advanced AI functionality to collect and analyze data from all KULR products.

“Electrifying the circular economy will generate vast streams of high-value data,” said Keith Cochran, KULR’s COO.

“We are developing cutting-edge solutions that enable our customers to realize the full value of this data – from using predictive analytics for preventing thermal runaway, to using battery intelligence data for enhancement of operational performance, to using sustainability data to visualize ESG and climate impact. CellCheck technology will dramatically increase the safety of battery packs by providing instant analysis of current and historic health. We believe this to be a game-changing product for the $44 billion lithium-ion battery market.”

KULR said it will demonstrate CellCheck on Azure Cloud with live sensor data capture at the upcoming 2023 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas running from January 5-8, 2023.

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