Love Island Timmy Pandolfi Praised For His Faithfulness on Show

Love Island Timmy Pandolfi has been getting some real praise this week. When faced with the chance to do some extracurricular activities with some of the ladies on the show, he stayed true to his relationship. The reason for the praise is, well, this is Love Island. The most sexually charged show in existence right now. Whereas normally, everyone on the show strays to some measure, the fans just found it very refreshing that one man didn’t. He just set a new high water mark for dudes on this show.

Asleep before everybody & a pillow in between them? Somebody take this king back to his wife please 😂😂😭#loveislandusa

— RAE (@THERAEBAE22) August 11, 2022

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the above picture is worth ten million. And seemingly, the whole world saw it, and the whole world agreed. The dude just won.

Love Island Timmy Pandolfi Stays Faithful

Via ScreenRant:

“Love Island USA fans have picked up on Timmy’s loyalty to Zeta, and they absolutely love to see it. Twitter user @THERAEBAE22 shared a screenshot of Timmy from a recent episode and couldn’t help but laugh at his efforts to stay faithful. In the photo, Timmy is laying in bed with Casa Amor bombshell Bella Barbaro. The islander is fast asleep, facing away from Bella, with an array of pillows in between them. ‘Asleep before everybody & a pillow in between them? Somebody take this king back to his wife please,’ the fan wrote, adding a few laughing emojis. Other fans pointed out that Timmy was also already asleep when the other islanders were celebrating the Casa Amor Hideaway being open.”

Love Island Timmy Pandolfi just showed the whole world that you can go on one of the most sexual shows and still be a good guy. This dude just raised the bar for every contestant from here on in.

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