Married at First Sight Fans Declare Krysten Collins “Best Wife”

Married at First Sight star Krysten Collins is getting some heavy praise from fans of the show. On a reality TV show where drama seems to get the most screen time, Collins kind of skews that ideal. She brings a refreshing bit of honesty to the show, which is why fans have flocked to her. And in a rare moment of internet kindness, stans of Married at First Sight just unofficially announced that Krysten Collins is “the best wife.”

Honestly, on reality TV, you can get much worse nicknames from fans of the show. This name happens to be incredibly kind.

Married at First Sight Star Krysten Collins is BEST?

Via Screenrant:

“Fans sense that Mitch is going to be season 15’s villain, and think that Krysten can do a lot better, based on what they have seen so far. To date, the way that Krysten has handled her marital problems with Mitch has impressed fans, and given her the ‘best wife’ title. There has been trouble in paradise for Krysten and Mitch, as he revealed that he’s not physically attracted to her during an episode of Married at First Sight. Fans are turning against Mitch, and describing Krysten as the best wife this season, with u/funkycoldmedinas saying, ‘so far this woman is really top notch and honestly WAY out of Mitch’s league.’ Other Reddit users agreed, with r/Equivalent-Diamond37 saying that they, ‘absolutely think she is the best person that’s ever been on the show.’”

Married at First Sight star Krysten Collins is now considered the “best wife” on the show. The reason for this is everyone on the show seems like they are there just to up the drama factor. They all try to add waves to the proverbial pool. But Collins is just dead set on finding true love, which seems to guide her decision-making.

In other words, she is the most human character in the whole show. Heck, most fans think she deserves better than what she’s being faced with, but who are we to judge? If true love can be born for anyone on this show, we hope Krysten Collins finds it. After all, she deserves it.

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