MultiVersus Kicks Off Season 1 And Reveals Two New Playable Characters

After a few weeks’ delay, MultiVersus Season 1 is now live with an all-new battle pass, a new free character rotation, major progression and balance changes, and new character reveals.

The Season 1 Battle Pass features 50 tiers of rewards to unlock in both the free and premium tracks which include new ringout animations and character skin variants, among other things. Completing all 50 tiers of the free track will unlock LeBron’s exclusive I’m Freakin’ Robin variant along with XP boosts, gold, unique badges, stickers, and icons.

Purchasing the premium track, on the other hand, will automatically unlock Taz’s Toon Squad ’96 variant from the get-go. New taunts, ringout VFXs, and more character variants can also be unlocked as you progress through the reward track, including Task Force X Harley, Flashback Garnet, and Detectives Tom & Jerry, with Bugs Bunny’s Brunhilde the Valkyrie as the final unlock. You can upgrade to the premium track anytime during the season for 950 Gleamium and still get all the rewards you missed.

New legendary cosmetics are also up for sale in the cash shop: Kung Fu Shaggy, Jake the Starchild, and Batman from the The Animated Series.

Season 1 will also see nerfs to three characters that dominated the pre-season: Bugs Bunny, Finn, and Velma. Bugs Bunny’s double rocket cheat has been fixed along with his multiple safe spawn exploit. The infinite Pie duration for his Ground Down Attack has also been reduced to 8 seconds. Finn now spawns with half the amount of gold and will take longer to recover when his attacks miss, while Velma’s Air Side Special’s distance has been decreased and her Air Up Special no longer chains with her Air Down Attack.

Two new characters were also revealed for the smash hit platform brawler alongside its first official season launch: DC Comics’ Black Adam and Stripe from the 1984 horror comedy flick Gremlins. Both characters will be making their debut sometime this year. Black Adam will probably arrive around the time that the Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam hits the big screens on October 21st. Stripes upcoming addition to the roster also fuels rumors that Gremlins 3 might be coming out next year.

Meanwhile, Morty Smith from the animated sitcom Rick and Morty will be making his in-game debut on August 23rd followed by Rick Sanchez later in the season. Arya Stark, Batman, LeBron James, and Steven Universe have also been rotated in as the new free playable characters until the end of the month and the new Classic Arcade and Ranked game modes are now available to play.

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