My Hero Academia’s 10 Coolest Class 1-B Students, Ranked

In the story of My Hero Academia, costumed pro heroes and wicked villains alike tend to have really cool designs for their outfits, personalities, and combat Quirks, often being modeled on the best, coolest characters from classic shonen manga and American comics. In fact, most of Class 1-A’s and 1-B’s students are nearly as cool as the pro heroes they look up to.

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Class 1-A has U.A. High’s coolest students of all, such as Fumikage and Shoto, but as the joint training story arc showed, Class 1-B isn’t far behind. Neito Monoma and his classmates wowed everyone with their impressive Quirks and costumes, and by now, plenty of Class 1-B’s students rank among My Hero Academia‘s coolest characters of all.

10 Ibara Shiozaki Has A Cohesive Theme & Cool Quirk

Ibara Shiozaki’s green hair is much more than just another example of “anime hair.” Ibara proved her worth against Denki Kaminari with her hair-based Quirk, turning her hair into thick, elongated vines that can easily restrain an opponent without shedding blood. Denki was helpless against this outstanding Quirk.

That alone makes Ibara pretty cool and impressive as a trainee hero, and there’s more. She has a well-thought-out hero theme by acting, praying, and dressing like a pious Christian from antiquity, complete with flowing white robes. She’s almost like a battle priestess of a hero.

9 Reiko Yanagi Is A Halloween Horror Hero

Reiko Yanagi doesn’t say much in the story of My Hero Academia, like Koji Koda, but she speaks loud and clear with her remarkable Quirk. With it, Reiko can control and throw around objects with telekinesis, making her a resourceful fighter at middle range.

Reiko decided to model her fighting style after poltergeists and gave herself a hero name, Emily, to match. She is all about a heroic twist on horror, the supernatural, and the occult, and it all comes together well. She is also confident and composed in battle, rarely panicking even against formidable odds.

8 Jurota Shishida Is Class 1-B’s Battle Beast

A few characters in My Hero Academia were modeled after classic X-Men characters. The beastly mutant hero Hank McCoy, better known as Beast, is like a blue, furry version of Bruce Banner, and he appears often in the live-action X-Men movies. Now he’s back in anime form.

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Jurota is already pretty beastly in his default form, but when he flies into a rage, he becomes an unstoppable juggernaut who can crush any foe who gets in his way. He was the backbone of Class 1-B’s first combat team, and he fought well until Hitoshi Shinso and the others finally cornered him.

7 Setsuna Tokage Is The Lizard Girl

Setsuna Tokage can split up her body into multiple pieces and make them float around, similar to Buggy the Clown from One Piece. She doesn’t hit that hard, but then again, Setsuna can easily avoid enemy fire with her small, fast-moving body parts and strike from unexpected angles.

That’s a pretty neat trick, and Setsuna can back it up with a dazzling, scaly blue hero costume as well. She is also a bit cocky but enthusiastic in battle as a melee student ready to prove to Class 1-A what she can do, and that is always commendable.

6 Juzo Honenuki Has A Neat Hero Costume

My Hero Academia fans knew next to nothing about Juzo Honenuki until the third round of the joint training arc began, where he put his softening Quirk to good use against Shoto Todoroki’s ice and Tenya Iida’s fast sprints. Juzo was a total dark horse in that fight, and he was pretty cool, too.

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Juzo kept a cool head the entire time, sabotaging his enemies by softening everything and thus slowing down fighters much stronger than he is. Juzo, or Mudman as he calls himself, also has a really cool helmet with body armor and a scary helmet. His helmet did sustain some damage in the fight, though.

5 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Is Eijiro Kirishima’s Manly Rival

It’s almost a running gag that the steely student Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu is the mirror of Class 1-A’s Eijiro Kirishima, to the point they were dead even in their U.A. High sports festival duel until Eijiro finally won the tiebreaker event. And since then, Tetsutetsu has gotten even stronger and cooler than ever.

Tetsutetsu has a fierce grin of sharp teeth and eyes burning with determination, and he has a pretty cool and lightweight hero costume to match, showing just how tough he is. In battle, Tetsutetsu is a nigh-unbreakable warrior, smashing and slashing at his foes with his steel-hard fingers.

4 Hiryu Rin Has A Vampire Costume

Hiryu Rin is a Chinese boy who honors his heritage with a stylish hero costume that’s loaded with meaning and cool aesthetics. His costume’s hat, jacket, and pants allude to a jiangshi, or a type of Chinese folklore vampire, making him even spookier than his classmate Reiko.

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Hiryu’s neat costume also includes a paper visor over his eyes with Chinese characters for battle-related words written on it, which was a pretty cool idea on his part. As for his combat technique, Hiryu can coat his arms with hard green scales and even shoot them like a machine gun for ranged attacks.

3 Togaru Kamakiri Is Loaded With Deadly Blades

Like Juzo, Togaru Kamakiri was a total unknown when he first appeared for the joint training arc’s fourth battle against Katsuki Bakugo’s own team. Togaru is a melee-oriented student hero who can produce blades from all over his body, which might remind Naruto fans of Kimimaro Kaguya.

Togaru is a pretty cool student overall, from his slick hero costume and his impressive blade-based combat style to his fierce, confident attitude in battle. Despite facing the Katsuki Bakugo, Togaru leaped right into battle with his blades on hand, ready for action.

2 Itsuka Kendo Is Everyone’s Responsible Big Sister

Itsuka Kendo’s Big Fist Quirk isn’t as flashy as Togaru’s blades or Ibara’s vine-like hair, but that’s not what My Hero Academia fans like so much about this character. Itsuka is famed for being the responsible big sister type whom her classmates look up to and respect.

Itsuka is cheerful, polite, confident, tough, brave, and smart, and that makes for a winning combination. She has nerves of steel even when facing the League of Villains and is stern with Neito Monoma, but she is also supportive and wholesome around all her friends and classmates. She also has a pretty cool martial arts-themed costume.

1 Shihai Kuroiro Has Mastered The Darkness

Shihai Kuroiri is yet another spooky but awesome character of Class 1-B. A cool guy who has mastered the darkness, some fans might call him an edgelord or a Goth wannabe, but Shihai can back up his grandiose, impressive words with the use of his formidable Quirk. He is much more powerful than he looks.

Shihai amazed My Hero Academia fans when he took the fight to Class 1-A’s own darkness powerhouse, Fumikage Tokoyami. Fumikage fought hard with Dark Shadow, but the clever, stylish Shihai outmaneuvered him over and over again, proving that Shihai can really punch above his weight.

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