Naruto Confronts Kawaki Over Boruto’s Death

Boruto is continuing to tell a very different story in its manga than what is playing out in its anime series, as Code leads a new charge with a new version of the Kara Organization to get revenge for the death of his master Jigen. While Eida has now entered the fray, we are treated to some quiet moments, including the Seventh Hokage and Kawaki finally having a meeting of the minds following the death, and subsequent resurrection, of Boruto.   

Warning. If you have yet to read the latest chapter of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Chapter 69, you might want to steer clear of the rest of this article as we’ll be diving into spoiler territory.

Luckily for the Hidden Leaf Village, Boruto’s death was short-lived with Momoshiki deciding to save his life when Kawaki blew a hole through the son of the Seventh’s chest. Boruto’s resurrection wasn’t a sure thing, however, and Kawaki is just learning that the member of Team 7 had survived the ordeal, showing how far the newest member of the Uzumaki Clan will go for his adopted family. Of course, with Naruto visiting him during his recovery, the meeting between the two definitely wasn’t what we expected.

With Kawaki asking if Naruto will “condemn him for killing Boruto,” the Seventh Hokage is happy to share the new that his son is still alive, as Naruto explains:

“If you hadn’t been there, we might have all died. I’m not saying this just cuz Boruto’s okay, but I’m grateful. Boruto feels the same. He says you took on a painful role. I’ve said this before Kawaki, but you belong here in Konoha, nowhere else. Everyone in Konoha is family to me, including you.”

If you’ve followed Naruto since the early days, it’s definitely shocking to see just how far the former star of the series has come, mellowing out to a significant degree in his adulthood, versus when he had an exceptionally hot temper as a child. Even without the Nine-Tails hiding within his body at this point, Naruto is still proving himself in the Shonen franchise.

Even though the war between Konoha and Kara rages, Masashi Kishimoto is taking the opportunity to develop characters outside of the battlefield.

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