Pokemon GO 0.245 Update Brings Much-Requested Feature

Pokemon GO Update 0.245 brought a few quality of life updates and bug fixes, but there is one more important feature. Niantic Labs added the ability to use the same PokeBalls in succession. As any player knows, every time you’re facing a Pokemon, you get the most basic available PokeBall. That means if you’re trying to sue Great or Ultra Balls, you have to click over. But that’s not the case anymore.

Now players will be able to toggle the ability to stay on the last used PokeBall.

But you need to be careful. As if you’re used to the old feature, players will continue to use more powerful PokeBalls. And as any player knows, everyone hoards them for no reason. It’s for an emergency that never comes. So use your Great and Ultra balls. The feature is in settings and you need to toggle it on, so if you want to stop it at any time, just head back to the settings and toggle it back off.

The rest of the update focused on the inclusion of Daily Adventure Incense, so expect those in your game now.

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