Pokemon GO Best Gym Defenders

The world of Pokemon has drastically changed since it first debuted in 1996 with the release of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue. Now fans have to memorize over 900 unique Pokemon, which doesn’t include the ones soon to be released for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet). But, nowadays, hardcore fans can enjoy “catching ’em all” anywhere they go with their mobile device, thanks to Pokemon GO.

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And while Pokemon GO still hasn’t added all 905 Pokemon, it still offers lots to do for new and old players alike. One feature that keeps players busy is battling rival Gyms and securing them for their team. But, the only way players can earn their daily Poke Coins is by successfully defending the Gym from rival players. That’s why players do well in learning which Pokemon is the best at Defending, as that’ll guarantee victory in Pokemon GO.


7 Drifblim – The Blimp Pokemon

Despite its appearance, Drifblim is among the best Gym Defenders in Pokemon GO since it can use two of the best DPS charge moves in the game: Hex and Shadow Ball. These moves are highly effective against Fighting type Pokemon which most well-seasoned Trainers will have in their team.

So, trainers that want to make a powerful Drifblim will want to have Hex as its Fast Move and Shadow Ball as its Charge Move. And while it lacks proper Defense, players can be assured that Drifblim will be able to knock out several rival Pokemon before being defeated. Players that want to make the most out of Drifblim will be happy to know that it also is an effective Pokemon to use in the Ultra League.

6 Blissey – The Happy Pokemon

Undoubtedly, one of the tankiest Pokemon in Pokemon GO is Blissey since it boasts a whomping 496 Stamina and 169 Defense. As players can expect, with that much Stamina and Defense, it’ll take quite a bit of pounding to defeat Blissey. And more often than not, rival Trainers will run out of time before they can beat Blissey.

Blissey’s strongest attack moves are Pound and Hyper Beam, which can be sought after if the player wants to make Blissey a little more threatening. But, in reality, Blissey isn’t a damage dealer, so players should only focus on leveling it up to increase its overall Stamina and HP.

5 Togekiss – The Fairy Pokemon

Another Pokemon that excels as a Gym Defender is Togekiss due to its high Attack (225) and Defense (217). But, what makes Togekiss the ideal Defender is that fact it’s Fairy and Flying Type, which is highly effective against Dragon and Ground type Pokemon. At Level 40, Togekiss will have over 3,000 CP (with a Perfect IV), meaning it’s a powerful contender for any rival Pokemon.

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The best moves to teach Togekiss are Charm and Dazzling Gleam since they offer the quickest attack charge. So, players that want to use a Defender that packs a punch will want to use Togekiss but Shiny Hunters should not get too excited chasing the Shiny version as it hardly looks any different.

Even though most Trainers aim to use Pokemon with high Stamina, HP, and Defense, some want to use Pokemon that can essentially wipe out an entire rival team. And Metagross is a Pokemon that can potentially destroy a rival team if built with the right moves. Its Base Attack is over 250, meaning it can make quick work of low CP Pokemon.

Trainers should use Zen Headbutt as its Quick Move, but players can also use Bullet Punch instead. In terms of Charge Move, the best one to use is Meteor Mash (46 Damage), but teaching it to Metagross will require an Elite TM.

3 Slaking – The Lazy Pokemon

Slaking is not only the king of Max CP (since it can reach over 5000 CP), but they also excel as a Gym Defender due to its high Stamina (284) and Attack (290). So, rival Pokemon Trainers will have a tough time chipping away its HP, which sits at 236 once maxed.

Players should aim to teach their Slaking Yawn as it generates 15 Energy, making its Charge Move (Hyper Beam) fill up much faster. But, maxing out Slaking will take lots of XL Candies, so players must ensure they catch every Slakoth or Vigoroth they see in the wild.

2 Milotic – The Tender Pokemon

One of the best characteristics of Milotic is its resistance to 4 common types of Elements (Steel, Fire, Water, and Ice), making it the most resilient mono-type Pokemon. On top of that, it has a balanced base stat of 192 (Attack), 219 (Defense), and 216 (Stamina). But, while Milotic excels as a Defender, it lacks utility in Raids and PvP battles, so players should avoid using it in other areas.

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Unfortunately, getting Milotic is a bit more challenging than other Pokemon since players must walk 20km with Feebas as their Buddy and have 100 Feebas Candies. Alternatively, players can find someone to trade their Milotic for another Pokemon if they’re not up to walking 20km with Feebas.

1 Dragonite – The Dragon Pokemon

Despite having several Weaknesses (Ice, Rock, Dragon, and Fairy), Dragonite has proven to be one of the best Gym Defenders in Pokemon GO due to its high Attack rating (263). So, players that use Dragonite as a Defender should expect it to take down several rival Pokemon before being defeated.

On top of that, players can use their Dragonite in the Master League and certain Pokemon GO Rocket battles. The ideal move set to use with Dragonite is Dragon Tail (Quick Move) and Outrage (Charge Move). But, if players have access to an Elite TM, they can use it to teach their Dragonite Draco Meteor.

Pokemon GO is available now for iOS and Android.

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