Pokémon GO Developer Is Creating Tamagotchi-Like AR Game ‘Peridot’

Niantic, the powerhouse behind the ever-popular Pokémon GO, has announced its newest mobile game Peridot, which seems to take a few cues from the Pocket Monster-collecting franchise.

Peridot is a real-world AR mobile game where you take a virtual pet out with you. You care for it, you raise it, and you can breed it to create unique creatures that you’ll love. It’s Tamagotchi for the 21st century. Our next question is, what happens if you forget about them for a year?

Okay, that’s definitely dug up some horrific memories, and we wouldn’t want to let harm come to these weird but adorable creatures. Niantic has only shared a few details about the game, so we hope these will alleviate any fears:

After thousands of years of slumber, Peridots (or Dots for short) are waking to a world vastly different from the one in which they used to roam, and they’ll need our help to protect them from extinction.

You’ll foster your own Peridots as you embark on this experience. These are creatures who feel so real, you’ll love every moment raising them from birth to adulthood. While you explore the world together, you’ll get to learn more about your cute new friends, develop a bond as you nurture and play with them, and work with other players to diversify their species.

That’s a lot of responsibility! But again, think of how cute these are. And at least there’s no battling like in the Pokémon games — that would probably disrupt the “protect them from extinction” part.

The game is soft-launching in selected markets this April on the App Store and Google Play. You can sign up here to pre-register for the game and get updates on when it releases.

What do you think of Peridot? Would you like to see the game collaborate with Pokémon GO? Let us know in the comments.

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