Radiant Silvergun Has Vanished From North American eShop

Radiant Silvergun Vinyl (1)

One of our favourite surprises during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct was confirmation that not only is Treasure’s Radiant Silvergun returning, but we can buy it right now. How many of you dashed over to the eShop and downloaded it immediately? In North America, however, you needed to be extra quick, as the game has already been removed from the eShop.

A few hours after the Direct aired, players were expressing concerns on Twitter when they couldn’t find the game on the eShop. The trailer has also been made private or removed from YouTube.

The port’s publisher — Live Wire — has made a very brief statement on Twitter, acknowledging the issue, but it’s a mystery as to why it’s been removed.

“Currently, the Radiant Silvergun is not available for purchase in North America. We will respond immediately. We will let you know when it becomes available for purchase.”

This isn’t the first time one of Live Wire’s games has been suddenly removed from the eShop. Mushihimesama was removed shortly after it was released last year on the European eShop due to an age rating error, but it reappeared the following month:

With Radiant Silvergun, some players are reporting that the port has a few issues, including the music not looping correctly, however no official reason has been given for the game’s removal. Fortunately, the game is still available to buy on the Japanese and European eShops.

We’ll update this article as soon as we know more!

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