Sandbox MMO The Repopulation Still In Development Eight Years After Hitting Early Access

It’s been a full year since we last heard from Idea Fabrik and its Early Access Star Wars Galaxies-inspired sandbox MMO The Repopulation. The last we heard from the studio was when they released their fall 2021 development roadmap for the game.

According to MassivelyOP, there have been just three major development updates since then, with the last dev update promising a big announcement which was delayed due to medical reasons. Idea Fabrik also assured backers that there’s no need for alarm and that they haven’t run away.

The Repopulation was Kickstarted in 2012 by the game’s original developer, Above & Beyond, for a little over $53,000 and launched into Early Access in 2014. A contract dispute between the studio and Hero Engine developer Idea Fabrik shortly after launch resulted in constant server outages, development speedbumps, and ended with Idea Fabrik’s acquisition of the game.

Development on the has been extremely slow following the acquisition as Idea Fabrik works to completely rewrite large chunks of its original code with still no launch date in sight. Unfortunately, refunds are apparently out of the question as Idea Fabrik didn’t receive any of the funds the Above & Beyond raised from Kickstarter and the game’s early access sales.

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