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Taylor Swift’s cat is reportedly worth a ton of money

While most celebrity animals are not as famous as their owners, apparently they can have a net worth that is as high as their owners. Why do animals have a net worth? What work do they do? Why do we need to know this information? All amazing questions but while we can’t answer those questions for every pet, we can try to get an idea from one: Taylor Swift’s cat Olivia Benson.

According to an article at All About Cats, Swift’s cat has a net worth of a whopping $97 million. First of all, that number is way too close to a billion. No person, let alone a cat, needs to be a billionaire or have a net worth of anywhere near a billion. Where’s that money going? Nowhere good. And cat nip is not considered a good use.

Second of all, how is this even calculated? According to the site, they use Instagram analytics and the fact that many celebrity pets use social media and do outside projects to make money. The cat starred in several music videos and commercials including ads for DirectTV, Diet Coke, and AT&T. She starred in the “Me!” and “Blank Space” videos.

And All About Cats apparently are assuming that Olivia Benson was paid?? And what about Swift’s other cats, Benjamin and Meredith?? Why is only Oliva Benson making the big bucks while her brother and sister suffer? I’d love to know exactly how they got to this number because the math is not mathing for me.

Taylor Swift’s cat is reportedly worth $97 million

Besides Olivia Benson, two other pets that have a ridiculously high net worth include a German Shepherd named Gunther IV and a cat named Naia. Gunther IV is worth $500 million and Naia is worth $100 million. Again, how? How did they determine what these animals are getting paid?

What do you think of animals having a net worth? Do you follow any of these famous pets? Let us know in the comments below!

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