Ubisoft wants to stop making games that try to be all things to all people

Ubisoft must be in a reflective mood. Yesterday the company was (kinda) walking back its once-strident commitment to blockchain integration in games (opens in new tab), and now it’s decided that maybe not every Assassin’s Creed needs to be a sprawling 150-hour epic. I couldn’t agree more.

In an interview with IGN (opens in new tab), Ubisoft’s VP of editorial, Fawzi Mesmar, shed some light on the company’s philosophy regarding its upcoming games. Ubi doesn’t want “one game to do everything,” says Mesmar, who says the company wants to be able to make more focused games that appeal to certain fans, “but maybe not everybody”. Ubisoft’s policy going forward will be to focus on “depth of experience” over breadth of content, says Mesmar, which sounds to me like less map-spam and maybe even a bit less map in general.

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