What is the level cap in Tower of Fantasy? ToF Level Cap and Timegate

If you love a leveling grind, Tower of Fantasy is the game for you. The MMORPG features plenty of exploration and combat activities to help players achieve higher and higher levels in the game, in addition to featuring weapons to upgrade and even more progression systems.

While a combination of all these leveling systems will lead to you getting stronger and stronger as the game goes on, your character level still needs to hit certain thresholds as you play to unlock certain aspects of the game. You’ll also run into times where it feels like your level progression simply stops, not allowing you to progress further despite the fact that you’re still playing and completing different objectives.

Some players might even think that they’ve already hit a level cap in Tower of Fantasy after only a few days of playing. Fear not: you most likely haven’t hit the true level cap yet. Here’s everything you need to know about the level cap system in Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy level cap and timegates, explained

There’s currently an absolute maximum level cap at level 70 that Tower of Fantasy players can achieve. That’s probably not the first level cap you’ll run into, however.

In addition to the max level cap, Tower of Fantasy uses a timegate system to prevent players from leveling up all at once, presumably to keep players coming back to the game every day. These timegates set a series of level caps that players can’t progress past if they’ve already hit their cap for the day or set of days. These caps reset according to what level cap you’ve reached, and as you progress higher and higher in level, you’ll need to invest more and more time to reach the maximum level cap.

Here are all the timegate level caps that players can hit.

Day Timegate Level Cap
One Level 18
Two Level 24
Three Level 27
Four Level 30
Five Level 32
Six Level 34
Seven Level 36
Eight Level 38
Nine Level 40
11 Level 42
13 Level 44
15 Level 46
17 Level 47
19 Level 48
21 Level 49
23 Level 50
25 Level 51
27 Level 52
29 Level 53
31 Level 54
34 Level 55
37 Level 56
40 Level 57
43 Level 58
46 Level 59
49 Level 60
52 Level 61
56 Level 62
60 Level 63
64 Level 64
68 Level 65
72 Level 66
76 Level 67
80 Level 68
84 Level 69
88 Level 70

Players can achieve the maximum level cap quickest if they play the game every day over the course of about three months. Additionally, while players start off being able to level up several times a day, they’ll soon find that the game requires multiple days of play to unlock the next level of progression.

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