Wing Commander IV: Remastered revitalizes a PC gaming classic

Wing Commander 4 was a cutting-edge blend of FMV and space-sim action when it debuted in 1996, but—like most graphically-intensive videogames from that era—it hasn’t aged particularly well. But a fan-made project aims to give it a much-needed facelift, with a new engine, assets, and upscaled cutscenes.

“Gaming has moved on significantly over the last few decades and, while hugely impressive at the time, the game engine has perhaps not aged quite as gracefully,” the Wing Commander 4: The Price of Freedom – Remastered (opens in new tab) website explains. “This project is a fan attempt to allow owners of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom to enjoy a more modern experience by loading the files from the original game into a new engine, complete with specially created, high definition assets.”

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